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Dr. Moradian

Maxim Moradian, MD

Dr. Moradian is a physiatrist who is fellowship trained in sports medicine & interventional pain management / spine care.

He is quintuple-board certified in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (PM&R), Pain Medicine, Regenerative Medicine, Sports Medicine, and Brain Injury Medicine.

More about Dr. Moradian

Dr. Moradian’s clinical practice is devoted to the comprehensive care of spine, joint, muscle, tendon, ligament, and peripheral nerve disorders. He is proficient in performing advanced, minimally-invasive procedures under fluoroscopic and/or ultrasound guidance in the entire spine.

Dr. Moradian performs electrodiagnostic testing (EMG/NCS) for the accurate diagnosis of muscle and/or nerve disorders. He has a special interest in regenerative medicine, sports concussions, neuromuscular ultrasound, medical education, and clinical research. His true passion is to treat his patients like his family and friends.

Dr. Moradian attended medical school at the Pennsylvania State University College of Medicine (PSUCOM) in Hershey, PA. While at PSUCOM, he had the opportunity to learn from the interventional pain management team, lead by Dr. Gordin. He completed his residency in PM&R at Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center in New Orleans, Louisiana. During his residency, he completed 7 months of interventional pain procedures with various LSU PM&R/Pain faculty.

Dr. Moradian received fellowship training in interventional pain management/spine care and sports medicine at Orthopaedic & Spine Specialists/OSS Health (affiliated with Sinai Hospital of Baltimore) under the guidance of expert interventionalist, Dr. Michael B. Furman and colleagues.

When Dr. Moradian is not seeing patients, he enjoys spending time with his family, traveling, and watching sports.

Dr. Moradian's ultimate passion is to treat his patients like family and friends with the most current treatment options available.

Dr. Vartanian

Revik Vartanian, DO

Dr. Vartanian is a physiatrist who specializes in physical medicine and rehabilitation and sub-specializes in pain medicine.

Dr. Vartanian is double board certified in physical medicine, rehabilitation, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (PM&R), and Pain Medicine.

More about Dr. Vartanian

Dr. Vartanian offers patient-specific, comprehensive, and minimally invasive techniques to diagnose and alleviate pain utilizing both fluoroscopy (X-ray) and ultrasound.

Dr. Vartanian is well-versed in both basic (epidural, facet joint, sacroiliac joint, medial branch, geniculate nerve, radiofrequency nerve ablation) and advanced interventional spine procedures (including lumbar decompressive procedures like MILD/Vertiflex, and neuromodulation), peripheral nerve/musculoskeletal procedures, and many regenerative medicine treatments. As a physiatrist, Dr. Vartanian also performs electrodiagnostic testing (EMG/NCS) to help evaluate for nerve and/or muscle disorders.

Dr. Vartanian received his Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine degree from Western University of Health Sciences, graduating at top five percent of his class. Dr. Vartanian completed his residency in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation at University of California, Irvine where Dr. Vartanian served as a chief resident.

Dr. Vartanian then completed a fellowship in interventional pain medicine at the UC San Diego Center for Pain Management. Dr. Vartanian was trained under distinguished faculty with multi-specialty backgrounds, allowing him to perfect his skills and obtain knowledge in managing complex pain conditions.

Dr. Vartanian has a passion for enhancing the quality of life in his patients. Dr. Vartanian appreciates treating pain through a multidisciplinary approach, a concept that is deeply rooted in the practice of physiatry.

Outside of work, Dr. Vartanian enjoys an active lifestyle, playing soccer and going on hikes with family and friends. Understanding the importance of being active, Dr. Vartanian strives to preserve and restore functional outcomes within his practice.

Dr. Vartanian, in line with the motto of iSCORE, ultimately aims to reduce pain in his patients while improving their functional recovery, independence, and quality of life.


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